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Collars & Cuffs Collars & Cuffs Collars & Cuffs Raplacement Collars & Cuffs for your high quality dress shirts.
We've got your size. Will Rogers once said, 'You never get a second chance at a first impression'
Replacing your worn or frayed Collars and Cuffs is an easy alteration..
Dohns' Tip: White collars look best on coloured shirts!
We have your size - from 14 to 20 with cuffs to fit the neck size.
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Welcome to Collars & Cuffs

Thank you for visiting Collars & Cuffs. Are your shirt collars and cuffs worn, stained, torn or damaged? Don't throw out that shirt, simply replace them with our high quality collars and cuffs.

Collars & Cuffs provides you with the highest possible replacement cuffs and collars that either yourself, dry cleaner or tailor can replace on any quality dress shirt. Save money today on your fine clothing with Collars & Cuffs.

What We Do Services Overview

Not limited to collar and cuff replacements, we can do the following services as well:

bullet Replacement Collars
bullet Replacement Single Cuffs
bullet Replacement French Cuffs
bullet 100% Cotton Products
bullet Proudly Canadian Made
Corporate and Custom Neckwear
Please visit our partner:
Eugene Corporate Neckwear


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